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Thanks for reading my articles. I sincerely hope they can give you a clue in problem-solving.

Experience & Education

Melissa is a sophisticated editor for EaseUS in tech blog writing. She is proficient in writing articles related to multimedia tools including screen recording, video editing, and PDF file conversion. Also, she's starting to write blogs about data security, including articles about data recovery, disk partitioning, data backup, etc.

Melissa has worked as a technical writer since she graduated from university. She wrote many essays related to screen recording, video editing, and iOS & Android problem-solving. All she wants is to provide solutions to help people. Now she's concentrated on solving PDF-related problems and writing blogs about data security.
As a graduate of Business English, Melissa received her bachelor's degree from SWUST. After graduation, she was passionate about writing non-literary articles and gained a lot of experience, which has laid a solid foundation for her current job.
In her spare time, Melissa enjoys watching English TV series and movies. She also likes to sing and travel.

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[Full Guide] How to Fill in IRS Form SS-4 PDF Easily

Form SS-4 lets you get the EIN from IRS. If you want to know how to fill out this form, follow the guide below. You can know useful tips to fill out the form.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 22, 2024

How to Make a PDF Read Only with 4 Easy Ways in 2022

If you want to get a document that cannot be modified or changed, you can make it read-only using these tools. They can help you protect the PDF from being edited and printed. Keep reading this post to know the best 4 ways to do that.

Melissa Lee   |   Feb 04, 2024

Print to PDF on Android [Easy Ways in 2024]

Printing documents to PDF on your Android device has become increasingly important because you may need to save receipts, webpages, or emails as PDFs for future reference. Let's explore this article for feasible ways to print to PDF on Android with the reasons for not working this function.

Melissa Lee   |   Jan 26, 2024

Can A PDF Have A Virus? [Quick Answer!]

Do you use PDF files on an everyday basis? If yes, you must acknowledge whether a seemingly harmless PDF can have a virus. And if so, how do you detect and protect yourself from such threats? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and protect your documents.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 26, 2023

Summarize PDF Online for Free in 2023

Are you looking to summarize PDFs online? This article has a few options that'll help you summarize your PDF without installing anything. As a bonus, it'll also provide a viable PDF editor.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 21, 2023

2 Best Method | How to Spell Check a PDF on Windows 10

When handing in a PDF with the wrong spelling, you need a PDF editor which can help adjust the content with a dictionary. Here, this post provides you with two effective tools to help make this function on Windows. Follow this post and learn how to spell check a PDF step by step.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 11, 2023

[Solved] How to Import Data into PDF Form Easily

Are you searching for how to import data to fillable PDF forms? If yes, then you need to check out this tutorial guide 'how to import data into PDF' is for you as it entails the 3 powerful techniques required to execute the task.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 11, 2023

2 Methods | How to Add Multiple Signatures to PDF in 2022

Now, after reading this post, you know the method to add multiple signatures to a PDF. Choosing one of the tools from EaseUS PDF Editor and Adobe Sign, you can start adding your signature now!

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 11, 2023

[2022] How to Create a PDF Portfolio with/without Adobe

When you want to add more types of files into a single file, how can you do it? A PDF portfolio can make it. While there are only a few PDF editors that allow this function. So, follow this post and learn the details about how to create a PDF portfolio easily.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 06, 2023

2 Methods | How to Rotate a PDF in Google Drive in 2022

To learn how to rotate a PDF in Google Drive, this post gives you the best answers. There are two ways to apply the rotating effects. Take your time, and follow this post to learn more useful information.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 06, 2023

3 Ways | How to Convert CBZ to PDF in 2022

CBZ is commonly used to save images. If you want to share a compatible format, PDF could be your choice. Therefore, follow this post to learn the effective methods.

Melissa Lee   |   Dec 06, 2023

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