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Which is Better: Adobe Acrobat Professional VS. Standard

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Are you stuck in Adobe Acrobat Professional vs. Standard comparison and cannot decide the better one? You are at the right site. Both of them two offer many identical features, such as creating PDFs, converting documents to PDF, and so on.

But those two versions become different once the fundamental PDF operations cannot meet your needs, and you will require something more advanced. Some essential differences between Acrobat Standard and Pro, such as editing capabilities and price, will impact your decision. This post will compare those two versions from many aspects and help you choose the best one from them. Additionally, the best alternative to those editors will also be introduced as supplementary information.

The Introduction of Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Acrobat Professional is an easy-to-use application that performs almost identically to Adobe Standard but adds a few extra functions. Furthermore, it works on both Mac and Windows systems.

This Adobe Acrobat edition allows you to add attachments to optimize PDF files, including audio files and documents. You can also make technical PDF documents for Visio or Autodesk AutoCAD, as this Pro version is designed for business and professional use.

adobe acrobat pro

Its ability to convert scanned paper files into PDF file format while fonts matching the original is a feature highly valued by users. Acrobat Pro can detect text in various languages, letting you quickly locate and change information in a PDF document.


  • Support bates numbering
  • Fill out, sign, and submit forms
  • Add video, audio, and some interactive objects to PDFs
  • Editing the confidential info that you don't want to share with certain readers

The Introduction of Adobe Acrobat Standard

Adobe Acrobat Standard is a powerful tool for all PDF tasks on Windows-based computers. It is an excellent PDF editor that lets you convert any format file to PDF and share, edit, and sign the documents.

It comes with various templates and configurable document security settings. Moreover, you can sync it with Dropbox and Google Drive. The Standard version of Adobe Acrobat DC can also work with Adobe Document Cloud to give you access to every tool and file from any device.

adobe acrobat standard

Acrobat Standard can convert any file format into PDF files using printing technology. You can merge many files of different types into a single PDF, and it may also convert web pages into PDFs with hyperlinks.


  • Organize, save, and share files on the Internet
  • Use ready-made templates or customize to make your own
  • Change the order of pages to organize them in a preferred way
  • Rotate pages to portrait or landscape mode

A Comparison of the Two Apps

This part will compare those two versions with each other from multiple aspects so that you will know which one is the best PDF editor version you need.

1. Process Scanned Documents

Turning scanned paper files into searchable and editable PDFs is essential for many users, especially those working for large-scale businesses. Only Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers this OCR tool for you, and it can detect text in many languages. Thus, you can easily find the location of a file and change the data.

2. Document Comparison

If your work needs a lot of sending/receiving files and analyzing what changes have been made in them, you need a quick way to ensure that all of the desired modifications have been made. Only Adobe Acrobat Pro allows you to open two different versions of PDF files side by side and compare them. You can also report all the changes you want to see by reading and printing.

standard and pro

3. Editing Features

Though the Acrobat Standard version is good enough for editing documents for personal use, the Pro version offers some more that may be needed in specific situations. The enhanced features of Acrobat Pro DC include redacting sensitive information from files instead of deleting it permanently, adding audio and video elements to a PDF, and much more.

4. Pricing

Comparing Adobe Acrobat Professional vs. Standard versions, both are available on monthly/yearly subscriptions. Acrobat Pro DC's expanded features cost a little more, and Acrobat Standard is available for $23 per month as a subscription. If you sign up for a yearly subscription, the price drops to $12.99 per month or $155.88 per year. A monthly subscription to Acrobat Pro DC costs $25 per month; on the other hand, a yearly subscription costs $14.99 per month or $177.88 invoiced annually.

Best Alternative to Acrobat Acrobat: EaseUS PDF Editor

Though Adobe Acrobat is the most widely used software for working with PDF files, its license is only five years. After the time runs out, the program expires, asking you to renew your subscriptions or make a new purchase, which can irritate especially for small-scale businesses/personal users. As a result, you should look at Adobe Acrobat's alternative software that can replace it without compromising functioning or competence.

EaseUS PDF Editor is a popular PDF editor that can replace Adobe Acrobat. It comes with all the most up-to-date features and tools, making it ideal for a wide range of users. Whether you are a daily user or a pro PDF editor, everyone will find EaseUS PDF Editor simple to use. It is a PDF editing application compatible with Windows, and this software lets you create, edit, or organize PDF documents. Whether you need basic or advanced PDF editing tools, this software can help.

EaseUS PDF Editor

  • PDF editor no watermark
  • Merge and split PDFs, convert PDF files to other popular file formats
  • Edit the texts, links, images, and pages in PDFs
  • Create a PDF file from PPT, Word, Excel, and other file formats
  • Encrypt PDF files by adding a password

FAQs about Comparison Between Adobe Acrobat Professional and Standard

Here are some frequently asked queations related to Adobe Acrobat. Have a look at them to find an answer.

1. What is the difference between Adobe Acrobat 2020 Pro and Standard?

The Pro version is designed more for professionals that require more in-depth tools like the optimization of PDF files, adding dates, numbers, audio, videos, etc. While the standard version offers more basic functions for normal users.

2. Is Adobe Acrobat Professional free?

In fact, Adobe Acrobat Professional is a free trial software that was last updated on 04 June, 2022.

3. What is included in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

Acrobat DC includes Acrobat desktop software, the Acrobat Reader mobile app enhanced with premium mobile features, and premium Adobe Document Cloud services.


Are you comparing Adobe Acrobat Professional vs. Standard version? Both those versions are easy to use and come with various tools for creating and altering PDFs. The Standard version will meet your needs if you only need to edit, create, and transfer PDF files. For commercial use, Adobe Acrobat Pro is an excellent choice.

However, to get out of the tiring cycle of renewing subscriptions, choose EaseUS PDF Editor. It offers all functions that a pro version of Adobe provides but at a more affordable rate.

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