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Chatbots to Read Attached PDF Files Free [2024]

Melissa Lee updated on Apr 20, 2024 | Home > PDF Knowledge Center | min read

PDF is a standard format for file sharing, but reading, digesting, and finding particular information in a PDF file, especially if it's long like an academic paper, has always been a hectic task. However, advancements in AI are making it convenient to work with PDFs. Chatbots can assist you in analyzing, summarising, and performing other PDF-related tasks, but often at a certain price. So, people often ask which chatbot can read the attached PDF files for free.

This post will help you learn about the eight amazing AI tools to read your attached PDF documents, along with a superb PDF editor and editor. Let's begin!

Chatbots to Read Attached PDF Files

Several AI tools are available to read the attached PDF files for free. However, some are more advanced than others. Here are the details of the leading ones with their pros & cons to make an informed decision:

1. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is a fantastic AI chatbot that helps students and employees chat with PDFs. You can upload or paste the URL to get your PDF file analyzed. It views PDF pages side by side. You can ask questions to get answers and have summarisation in the intuitive chat screen. It also lets you export these chats with your teammates using its link.

ChatPDF Read PDFs


  • Offer a unique attached PDF search feature
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Interactive communication without registration


  • Generated responses are sometimes incorrect
  • Limit of 10MB and 120 pages in the free plan users

Go to the official website: https://www.chatpdf.com/

2. AskYourPDF

As the name implies, AskYourPDF is a great chatbot AI that reads PDFs and answers questions for free. You can import your PDF file in CSV, TXT, and PPT format to this ChatGPT-powered tool to get the necessary information in minutes. It also plays a teacher's role by helping you understand the complex concepts in the attached PDF. You can even highlight text in PDF, insert comments, and add notes.

AskYourPDF AI Chatbot


  • Offer completely free services
  • AskYourPDF plugin is also available in ChatGPT
  • Save your chat history in the private mode


  • Support uploading files up to 40MB
  • It sometimes skips the content in the PDF

Go to the official website: https://askyourpdf.com/

3. PDFgear Chatbot

PDFgear ranks at the top of the best free AI chatbots for chatting with, summarising, and editing a PDF. It offers a Copilot feature that helps you interact with PDF files using a natural language model. You can extract information from your long PDF documents, such as an academic paper, legal manual, legal contract, etc.

PDFgear Chatbot


  • A safe solution as it doesn't store private information
  • Completely free and easy-to-use AI chatbot
  • Let you make adjustments to PDF documents


  • The web service option is slow sometimes
  • Suitable for desktop users, not mobile

Go to the official website: https://www.pdfgear.com/chat-pdf/

4. PDF.ai

If you need to create documents and communicate with the chatbot, PDF.ai is the best solution. It allows access to attached PDF files and chat history from the dashboard. You can also open the required page from the PDF directly by clicking the source. It even lets you zoom on PDF with the zoom and display options.

PDF.ai Read Attached PDF Files


  • Provide reference links in the answers to the source page
  • Offer a Chrome extension to handle PDF files
  • Open documents and communication in different tabs


  • Allow uploading only one PDF in the free plan users
  • Suitable for viewing documents yourself instead of relying on AI

Go to the official website: https://pdf.ai/

5. ZenoChat

ZenoChat is a free conversational AI chatbot that uses advanced language models, such as GPT-4 and Sophos 2. It offers the Knowledge Bases feature to upload PDFs or documents like PPT, CSV, etc., as data resources. By turning them into the knowledge base, you can chat with PDFs. You can even customize the personality and tone of this chatbot.

ZenoChat PDF Uploads


  • Provide an online app and browser extension
  • Integrate seamlessly with 4000 websites
  • Offer a personalized conversation experience


  • Offer limited features to the free plan users
  • The learning curve for beginners

Go to the official website: https://textcortex.com/templates/zeno-chat-gpt-alternative

6. ChatDOC

Powered by ChatGPT, ChatDOC is an excellent attached PDF reader that provides necessary information after analyzing your files. After creating an account, you can upload PDFs and ask questions via chat. Its feature of recommended questions is a lifesaver for beginners. However, it only provides a generic conversation experience, which is boring.

ChatDOC AI Chatbot


  • Let you upload and analyze multiple documents
  • Provide page numbers as references to ensure accuracy
  • Help you extract the desired information efficiently


  • It takes too much to go through even a 5-page PDF
  • Allow uploading two documents up to 20 pages in the free plan

Go to the official website: https://chatdoc.com/


For those seeking an online AI tool that fulfills your question-answer and PDF summarisation needs for free, PDFGPT.IO is the right choice. You only need to import your PDF file, and it summarizes the PDF online for free. Working over advanced AI algorithms, this tool helps extract the key points from a lengthy document, like an academic paper.

PDFGPT.IO Read Attached PDF Files


  • Offer a simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Accessible across devices as it's web-based
  • Let you quickly view the PDF files within the platform


  • Restrict PDF uploads to only 5 MB in the free plan
  • Save your chat history to only three days for free

Go to the official website: https://www.pdfgpt.io/

8. LightPDF

Last but not least, LightPDF is a great AI chatbot that converts, protects, edits, and reads PDF documents with splitting and scrolling view modes. For instance, it can convert PDFs to images for free. You can adjust the fonts, colors, text, and image layout. This AI tool reads PDFs to provide accurate summaries and outlines. It even provides tables and graphs for better understanding.

LightPDF Read Attached PDF Files


  • Support PDF, XLSX, PPT, and DOCX files
  • Offer a specialized desktop and mobile application
  • Provide answers with page numbers as references


  • Support reading a PDF of up to 200 pages for free
  • The loading time of the tool is a little slow

Go to the official website: https://lightpdf.com/

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Bonus. A Capable PDF Reader and Editor

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your PDF reading and editing tasks, EaseUS PDF Editor is the right choice. It helps you read a PDF file quickly with a few steps. You can adjust the PDF style clockwise or anticlockwise to fit a comfortable reading position.

It also lets you change the PDF page size for a better viewing experience. You can even zoom in or out if the page has a tiny font size. With its easy navigation, it even allows users to jump from one page to another.

Moreover, you can add or remove text/images and crop, extract, or replace pages. It even lets you insert or delete the header, footer, and background. You can even split or merge multiple PDF files if needed.

Click the button below to get this software and explore its further features!

Chatbots to Read Attached PDF Files Free FAQs

1. Is there a free AI that can read PDF files?

Various free AI chatbots that can read PDF files are available, such as AskYourPDF, PDFgear Chatbot, ChatPDF, ChatDOC, and more. You can use the one that fits your needs.

2. Can ChatGPT read PDF documents?

Yes, ChatGPT can read the uploaded PDF documents. However, this feature is only available in the ChatGPT Plus version, which costs USD 20/month.

3. Which AI can summarize PDFs for free?

Although multiple AI chatbots can summarise PDFs for free, popular ones include ChatPDF, Unriddle, PDFgear, PDFGPT.io, GetDigest, and more.


While all the AI tools listed in this detailed guide are valuable for handling PDF tasks, you can choose the most suitable one. However, if you need a capable manual PDF reader that does it all, EaseUS PDF Editor is the ultimate solution. It helps you read and modify PDFs within no time. Download EaseUS PDF Editor now and start using a feature-rich PDF reader and editor.

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