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pdfFiller Review [Pros, Price, Ratings...]

Melissa Lee updated on Aug 30, 2023 | Home > PDF Knowledge Center | min read

Creating, editing, and sharing documents is a significant part of both personal and professional life. Adobe Acrobat is the usual go-to software in this regard, but it is not the only solution in the market. pdfFiller is also considered a well-known PDF manager at this time. So the question is, does it suit your needs, or is it worth your money?

To get answers to all these questions, a comprehensive pdfFiller review is required. So, this write-up facilitates you by covering various aspects, like functionality, features, subscription, and users' experience, along with the alternatives. Let's dive deep into the details!

📖What is pdfFiller Used for?

pdfFiller is a browser-based tool that helps you manage PDF files & documents efficiently. Not only does it support popular file formats but also cloud storage platforms, i.e., OneDrive, Box, URL, Google Drive, etc. So you can quickly upload any document to make necessary changes with ease.

It assists you in editing, converting, saving, sharing, and printing various documents. Even designing the document, adding watermarks, or putting initials is not a hassle. Editing is also a piece of cake with its selection, image, text box, highlight, blackout, erase, and drawing tools.

You can also fill out forms using its valuable tools, including date, cross, check, circle, arrow, and more. Displaying thumbnails, managing pages, and inserting comments are some other features. Last but not least, you can collaborate with others by sharing templates, documents, and folders.

pdfFiller Features

🔏Is pdfFiller Safe?

The compliance of pdfFiller with security regulations, like the U.S. ESIGN Act of 2000, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, makes it a credible online tool. Your uploaded files will be completely safe with 256-bit encryption. However, if you are still doubtful about the safety of servers, you can delete the documents as soon as the processing gets done.

💰Is pdfFiller Free?

Though pdfFiller does not offer a free plan, you can avail yourself of its free trial. This free version lets you enjoy all the basic functionalities, such as creating, converting, editing, printing, and more. But later, choosing one of its paid plans is crucial if you want to continue using its services.

Now, it's time to focus on its subscription plans:

Free trial: 30 days
Basic: USD 20/month
Plus: USD 30/month
Premium: USD 40/month
Basic: USD 8/month (Billed Annually)
Plus: USD 12/month (Billed Annually)
Premium: USD 15/month (Billed Annually)

🎯Pros, Cons, and Users' Experience

In the all-inclusive pdfFiller review, it becomes crucial to consider the pros, cons, and ratings on different forums and websites. So let's check them one by one!


  • Capterra: 4.6/778
  • Trustpilot: 4.5/11036


  • Provide you with business-ready functionalities
  • Support formats like PDF, PPT, RTF, JPEG, TXT, etc.
  • Offer Android and iOS apps for easy accessibility
  • Let you change the document format while saving
  • Help you with a safe and secure processing method


  • Come up with a steep learning curve
  • Offer the best value in only annual paid plans
  • Unable to provide advanced editing capabilities
  • Cancelling a subscription plan is a bit confusing

4️⃣Users' Experience

Since the pdfFiller review seems incomplete without mentioning first-hand users' experience, below are some positive and negative reviews to look at:


Really easy; you need to ensure that international users can fill all fields as some are US-specific but very professional and, more importantly, easy and quick to use.                                - Chris Swann (Trustpilot)

What I like most about PDFfiller is how easy it is for me and my clients to sign documents. This is one of the best tools I have found to edit.                                                                 - Elizabeth P. (Get App)


Allowing you to spend a LOT of time editing a document and then turning around to say you need to pay in order to get access to the edited document. Their claim that there is a "free" trial is false as well, as we all know how a "free" trial works.                                                                                                                       - Frank Sanchez (Trustpilot)

The user can modify his document, and only when downloading it, he is asked to register with a payment method. This can be confusing and irritating if you don't know it beforehand.            - Francesca S. (Get App)

🎨pdfFiller Alternative

After taking the pdfFiller review into consideration, EaseUS PDF Editor is the ultimate solution if you are still searching for an all-in-one PDF editor. It helps you effortlessly create a fillable PDF form using interactive controls, i.e., text box, push button, etc. You are allowed to import and export data to fill out forms.

In addition, it satisfies your advanced PDF editing needs by adding, deleting, or modifying the images, text, and links from your PDF document. You can't only adjust the PDF page size but add bookmarks, headers, footers, and page numbers as well.

Also, organizing the PDF is in your control by inserting, removing, cropping, rotating, extracting, and reordering its pages. Even you can easily collaborate with other team members using the comments, boxes, and other annotation tools.

easeus pdf editor


  • Allow you to edit a scanned PDF using OCR
  • Offer conversion to/from PDF files in batches
  • Support compressing and sharing the PDFs
  • Help you sign and secure the PDF documents
  • Let you split and combine PDF files if required

❓pdfFiller Review FAQs

In addition to the above-detailed pdfFiller review, below are some frequently asked questions to consider:

1. Is pdfFiller safe to use?

Yes, pdfFiller is completely secure to use due to its compliance with the security regulations and standards, i.e., HIPPA, SOC2, PCI DSS, and the U.S. ESIGN Act of 2000. So, all of your transferred data has the encryption of the Secure Hash Algorithm with 256 bits (SHA-256).

2. Is pdfFiller worth it?

pdfFiller has a wide range of functionalities, but the main feature is filling forms and signing PDFs efficiently with annotation tools. So pdfFiller is worth using and purchasing if you have to manage the forms regularly. However, you may use better software like EaseUS PDF Editor for advanced PDF editing.

3. Is pdfFiller legal?

Yes, pdfFiller is legal with its digital or electronic signatures since it complies with the U.S. ESIGN Act of 2000. So you do not need to worry about the security of your PDF forms or documents when relying on this software.


pdfFiller is a versatile document management solution with a wide range of features. It supports many formats and cloud storage sites; however, preferred for fillable forms. In contrast, if you need an all-in-one PDF manager to convert, fill forms, sign, and edit in an advanced manner, EaseUS PDF Editor must be your way to go!

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