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Embed PDF in WordPress in 2024 With/Without Plugin

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 19, 2024 | Home > PDF Knowledge Center | min read

One of the standard functions of WordPress is to share helpful content with others, and there are times where the content is in PDF format. Why PDF? Because it is the most common file shared on the internet. 

Embedding PDF on WordPress gives us plenty of benefits. Firstly, our readers can download the file right away without having to use a third-party website such as MediaFire or Mega. This means that readers can download directly from us.

If our readers don't want to download it, they can read it from the website. That's right. Embedding allows the readers to read directly on the page. Cool, isn't it? Seeing the importance of embedding on WordPress, we will be giving tutorials on how to embed PDF in WordPress without plugin and with a plugin.

Bonus Tips: How to Edit a PDF Before Embedding it in WordPress

Embed PDF in WordPress With Plugin

Below are some plugins to embed a PDF in WordPress:

There are lots of extensions that can help us embed PDF on WordPress easily. However, not all of them deliver the function as how it was promoted. Sometimes the extension end up not doing what it was expected to do, leaving us disappointed.

Because of the reason above, our team tested several extensions to make sure they work as they should be. Here are the extensions we found the most useful for embedding PDF on WordPress.

1. e2pdf

e2pdf is one of the most straightforward plugins to embed a PDF in WordPress. The plugin allows you to display the PDF file and its content on the post without using a complicated process to do so. To make it even better, you can choose between a dynamic display and a static display for your file. And don't worry, others can download the file too!

Besides how to embed PDF in WordPress, the plugin also has PDF Document Editor, Forms Editor, and Data Injector. The features below give users the opportunities to edit the file without exiting WordPress, create PDF forms from the dashboard, and merge WordPress data into one.

e2pdf wordpress

Tp embeds PDF in WordPress using e2pdf and the steps are:

Step 1. Install e2pdf in "Plugin" of the dashboard. Once the plugin is installed, press "Activated" to activate the plugin.

Step 2. Add PDF by using the "Insert Media" option. When you've added the PDF, you will see a shortcode indicating the plugin is working. Publish the post, and the PDF will appear in the post.

Step 3. If you want to create templates, do so in the e2pdf section located on the dashboard.

2. PDF Embedder

What makes PDF Embedder stand out is the option to embed PDF on WordPress easily, no matter what the device is. Yes, PDF Embedder allows the embedding of PDF files on mobile phones done quickly too. There is no need for a complicated process to embed PDF files using the software. Moreover, you can also edit the window size of the file.

pdf wordpress

Here is how you use PDF Embedder:

Step 1. Install the plugin in the "Plugin" section, then Activate it.

Step 2. Click "Add Media" and drag the PDF file to the WordPress media library.

Step 3. Then, click "Insert to post." A shortcode will appear along with the PDF link.

Step 4. If you want to change the window shape, go to "Settings" in the dashboard and go to "PDF Embedder."

Embed PDF in WordPress Without Plugin

Although plugins can help us embed the PDF in WordPress, some prefer to embed a PDF in WordPress without plugin. Having plugins requires us to install a third party whose security is unknown. Sometimes, the plugins do not work according to how we want them to be. For those who want to embed the PDF in WordPress without plugin, there are two ways to do it:

1. Add media to the library

Add media to the library is the easiest way to insert PDFs into the post. Note that this method will only show PDF as a link to the post and not as a window with a preview. When you use this method, the PDF will appear as direct download links. 

While this method does not show the content of the PDF directly, it is perfect for those who want to share many PDFs all in one post. For example, you want to share ten PDF files with your audience. This method is the perfect way to do it since you can list all ten files as links. The steps are:

Step 1. Create a new post, and click "Add Media."

Step 2. Drag and drop the PDF file to the library.

Step 3. Insert the newly uploaded file into the post.

2. Using codes

Embed and iframe codes are unique codes that allow you to show the PDF as a window with a preview (embedded). This method is perfect for those who want to show the content of the PDF directly on the post. The steps are:

Step 1. Add a new PDF file to the library and copy the PDF file's link.

Step 2. Switch to text editor and use the code. Use the link copied before. If the code above doesn't work, use this code:

Step 3. Switch back to the visual editor. Your PDF is embedded.

Bonus Tips: How to Edit a PDF Before Embedding it in WordPress

Before uploading it to WordPress, users may use EaseUS PDF Editor to make changes to the PDF file. You may use the editor to modify the PDF without having to alter the original file. EaseUS PDF Editor allows you to add additional form components, text, images, and digital signatures. The ease of use of the software enables everybody of all ages to use it, thanks to the easy layout that's easily comprehended. 

Conversion is also possible using EaseUS PDF Editor. As a matter of fact, users can convert from or to PDF, whether the files are text files or images. The flexibility offered by this editor makes it one of the most universal PDF editor available online.

Here are some of EaseUS PDF Editor's features:

  • Users can use passwords to secure PDF files
  • Print PDF without margins on Windows PC
  • Provide OCR scanning with multilingual support
  • Include tools like comments and bookmarks to encourage team collaboration
  • Convert PDF to a variety of formats, including .word, .jpeg, and others

Now, download this PDF editor on Windows PC!

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