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How to Resize PDF Image for Free

Melissa Lee updated on Jul 20, 2023 | Home > PDF Editor Tutorials | min read

The size of the image on the PDF does matter. If the image is too large, it will take up lots of space and waste the pages. There are also times where we have to fit the image according to its surroundings. For example, there might be an incredibly tiny space on the page, and we have to work the image on that space. As you can see, there are several occasions where the image size matters. This makes it more essential for us to pay attention to the image size on a PDF file.

Seeing the importance of image size, we decided to give some tips on how to resize PDF images on various devices and applications. The advice might take several steps, but trust us, you can do it in a snap.

How to Resize Images in PDF on Windows 10

EaseUS PDF Editor has image resizing as one of its features. Adding image and resizing it is a part of the content editing feature, where users can add text and other elements on an already-established PDF file. However, users can also do so on blank PDF files, creating, adding, and resizing images from scratch.

What makes this Windows PDF editor the preferred software for resizing an image is the flexibility of its features. Users can resize the image then place them anywhere on the document, giving us the freedom to place the photo depending on our needs.

Another content editing feature is the text editing they have. Just like images, users have the freedom to add text and place them anywhere. Not only that, but users can also change text color, its size, and many more. 

More features:

  • Customize and add elements on PDF forms
  • Add watermark to PDF or remove it easily
  • Protect the file by using a password
  • Convert PDF to or from other formats

Here are the steps to resize PDF image on Windows:

Step 1. Launch this program, then import the PDF that you want to edit.

Import PDF file

Step 2. Go to "Edit" > "Add image." The software will add the image to your PDF.

Add images to PDF

Step 3. Drag the small squares to resize the image.

Resize image in PDF

Step 4. At last, save the changed PDF file. 

Save PDF document

How to Resize a PDF Image on Mac

If you don't have Windows but Mac instead, you don't have to worry because there is plenty of software available for Mac users. One of that software is PDFChef. It has all the necessities for resizing images and other elements that users can add to the PDF. Users can also merge and delete PDF pages quickly, making PDF editing and resizing pictures a breeze to do.

Here's how to resize the PDF image easily on Mac:

Step 1. Open the software and upload the image (or drag and drop the file).

Upload image

Step 2. Go to "Edit" > "Image" to add the image needed.

Add images

Step 3. Resize the image by dragging the small squares surrounding the image.

Resize the image in PDF

Step 4. Save the file once you're satisfied with its final look.

How to Resize PDF Image Online

Those who are in the constant habit of changing their device can opt for online software to resize PDF images. We will be using Jotform for this tutorial.

Jotform is a web-based PDF editor that allows the user to create or edit PDF files online. Please do not underestimate the software because it is as complete as other PDF editors. From adding text and images, managing their location, adding signature - you can do all in Jotform.

To make it even better, they provide templates for their users! So, there is no need for you to get a headache about the file's format; all you need to do is pick the template that you need the most right now. Here is how to resize PDF image with Jotform:

Step 1. Open the link and choose your template.

Step 2. Go to "Add Element" > "Image." A window for images will appear on the page.

Add image window

Step 3. Click the gear button to upload your image

Step 4. The image is uploaded. Drag the square at the bottom right to resize the PDF image.

Resize PDF image

The Bottom Line

The size of the image on a PDF does matter, as it can affect the layout and content style of the PDF. For their reason, we must make sure we can resize PDF images efficiently. EaseUS PDF Editor does more than help you resize images. You can add text and tweak the document, giving their users total control over the file. Is it recommended to resize PDF images? Yes, absolutely.

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