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2 Methods | How to Add Multiple Signatures to PDF in 2022

Crystal Chen updated on Jan 30, 2023 to PDF Editor Tutorials | min read

A digital signature provides us with a lot of conveniences, as people don't need to manually print the PDF pages and then sign on them. This kind of digital signature is especially common in our workplaces. If you are not sure which signature to add to your PDF file, check the electronic signature vs digital signature information first.

Many tools support adding one digital signature to a PDF file, but what if you want to add more than one signature to a PDF? There are a few tools on the market that allow this function. Here, this post shows you how to add multiple signatures to PDF using different software, including EaseUS PDF Editor and Adobe Sign. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Way 1. via EaseUS PDF Editor Import PDF and select the "Sign" tool from the toolbar...Full steps
Way 2. with Adobe Sign Go to documentcloud.adobe.com and select "Sign in"...Full steps

How to Add Multiple Signatures to PDF via EaseUS PDF Editor

This PDF editing software for Windows users can add signature to PDF. It can add more than one digital signature on the same PDF pages. You can record the name, date, and other information of the signature. Besides adding one or more signatures to a PDF, this PDF editor can also remove signatures from a PDF with ease. 

It's an all-in-one PDF editing software and converter. After adding or removing the digital signature from PDF, you are allowed to edit the PDF for many aspects, including the text, image, and forms. 

Key Features:

Before following the below guide, download this PDF editing software with no registration!

Here is a list of steps for adding multiple signatures to PDF via this Windows editing software:

Step 1. Import the PDF file that you want to sign. Click "Open Files..." and choose the PDF to sign. Then, type hit "Open".  

import the pdf you need to sign

Step 2. Once imported, you need to click the "Sign" tool from the toolbar. Click "Sign" > "Sign & Certify". Then select the Sign Document option to start your first digital signature. 

add multiple signatures in odf

Step 3. Then, choose "Drag New Signature Rectangle" to begin signing. Use your mouse to choose one area to put the signature. For the first time you use this software, you need to fill out the information of your signature. 

create signature in pdf

Choose "New ID..." > "A new digital ID I want to create now" > "Windows Certificate Store". Then, in the "Add Digital ID" window, you need to fill out your name, email address, and other information. Once done, click "Sign". 

After finishing the first signature, you can then create the second one. However, this software will freeze sometimes. You only need to close the software and open it again to complete your following signature. 

Step 4. After adding all signatures in the PDF you imported, just save it on the computer.

save signed pdf

Also, you can read the below post to learn how to remove a signature from PDF, using this PDF editing software as well. 

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How to Add Multiple Signatures to PDF via Adobe Sign

The second software to add more than one signature to PDF is Adobe Sign. It has many options for signing, including "request signature", "fill & sign", "add signature", and "create a template". For adding the digital signature, you can set the signer's name field, data field, and email field. After that, you can send the PDF with the signature to others. 

Add multiple signatures to a PDF using Adobe Sign:

Step 1. Go to documentcloud.adobe.com and click "Sign in". From the main interface, click the "Request Signatures" option.  

adobe sign

Step 2. Then, hit "Go to Adobe Sign" under the "Request Signatures" option. 

request signature in adobe sign

Step 3. As shown in the below window, enable "Complete in Any Order". Followed, fill out the email for the recipient. You can fill out the email address of more than one person. Then, click "Add Files" to import the PDF file. Once done, click "Next". 

multiple signature added in pdf

Step 4. Now, put the signature area into the PDF file. Use your mouse to click the place you want to sign. Then, choose the second icon "Set as signature field". Also, you can click the three dots to set the signer's name field, date field, or email field. 

After finishing filling in the signature information, you should click "Send" for sending the PDF file to others. 

add multiple signatures in pdf with adobe sign

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This post offers 2 methods to add multiple signatures to PDF, including using the EaseUS PDF Editor and Adobe Sign. You can choose one of them to sign your PDF pages. Both of them are functional and easy to use, especially EaseUS PDF Editor. You can use it to sign the PDF, remove the digital signature, edit the text and images in the PDF, etc. 

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