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Quillbot Summarizer and Its Alternatives in 2024

Melissa Lee updated on Mar 19, 2024 | Home > PDF Knowledge Center | min read

Summarizing is an important life skill to be used in every field. Whether you have to make people understand the important details of a book, news article, or research paper, summarizing helps you a lot. There exist traditional methods of summarizing text, but these are hectic and time-consuming, especially for a large amount of content.

However, the developers have designed AI tools, like Quillbot Summarizer to complete the task in a snap. Since it has many shortcomings, you may use other software that fulfills your demands efficiently. Keeping all this in view, let's explore the details of Quillbot Summarizer and its 11 leading alternatives!

Before looking into the details, let's check the table below to see what is tested about them.

❓What we tested Quillbot Summarizer and its alternatives
🤵🏻Selected for People who need PDF-summarizing tools
🔢How many tested 17
📂What to summarize PDF, Word, Excel, Html... 

What is Quillbot Summarizer

Quillbot Summarizer is the most popular and recommended online solution to shorten the text for a better understanding in less time. With its advanced AI technology and NLP, it helps you summarize a research paper, news article, and various documents in just one click. Also, the output will never distract you from the original context.

You can either upload the document or paste the text, whatever is preferred. Along with the clean user interface, this tool provides you with two processing methods, i.e., Paragraph and Key Sentences mode. The former extracts the exact key sentences from the input, while the latter generates the new context-based paragraphs from the source file. However, combining these two leads to the best output that can be exported as plain text or a file.

Quillbot Summarizer

11 Quillbot Summarizer Alternatives

Whether you are not satisfied with the Quillbot Summarizer or you want to review other options after learning about it in detail, it's time to dig into the 11 best alternatives!

1. HIX.AI Summarizer

HIX.AI is an advanced AI writing copilot that offers a range of powerful tools to enhance your writing experience. One such is HIX Summarizer, an efficient summarization tool that can summarize any text, whether it's an ordinary story or a complex research paper. Unlike QuillBot, which only supports summarizing text from the input box or uploaded files, it also allows you to provide a URL of a webpage to summarize.

What sets HIX Summarizer apart is its ability to summarize non-text content, such as YouTube videos. This means you can get a brief overview of the video without having to watch it. Moreover, it also gives you customization options, letting you choose the output summary format from bullet points or paragraphs.

In addition to this web app, HIX.AI also developed a Chrome extension that enables you to summarize content anywhere on the web. Once you select the text you want to summarize, the Quick Lookup bar will pop up to assist you. With just a click of the summarize option, you can generate a summary effortlessly.

hix summarizer


  • Can summarize YouTube videos as well
  • Provides 2 customization options
  • Supports 3 input forms (copy-paste text, webpage URLs, uploaded documents)


  • The output summaries are not downloadable but can only be copied
  • The free plan limits you to summarize 1,000 free words per week

2. IntelliPPT

IntelliPPT is one of the best PDF readers and summarizing tools that assist you in simplifying large documents into comprehensible text. You can shorten an academic article, business report, and blog in text, PDF, or DOCX format.

The processing is fast, 3x to 5x, compared to other relevant tools. Also, it offers the AI summaries option, along with the key sentences mode. Even you are allowed to select the summary length.



  • Work over the latest advanced AI algorithms
  • Convert summaries to unique presentations
  • Offer the best results for research papers


  • Provide only 3000 characters in the free version
  • Unable to consider context while giving output


Smmry is a remarkable online summarization tool. It offers three options to import the source file, i.e., enter text, upload a file from a hard drive, and paste the URL.

Whether you are summarizing non-fiction or fictional samples, it retains the logical flow of the text. Lastly, you can shorten the larger text files since it does not specify any character limit.



  • Support multiple settings to skip exclamations, questions, etc.
  • Offer a Heat Map option for color coding as per the importance
  • Display the reduced text percentage in the output summary


  • Merge the sentences incorrectly sometimes
  • The interface is not clean and up to date

4. Smodin.io

Smodin.io offers a set of writing essentials, including an efficient Summarizer for your lengthy text. Since it is compatible with multiple file formats, including DOC., DOCX., and PDF, you can import any file without worrying.

To summarize or edit a Word document, you only need to provide the input and let the tool completes the task. Also, you can quickly adjust the number of sentences in the resulting file from 1 to 39.



  • Support text and URL paste feature
  • Come up with a responsive customer support
  • Let you summarize up to 30000 words in the free plan


  • This may result in an incoherent summary
  • The performance is not as fast as it claims

5. Free Summarizer

Here is another alternative to the Quillbot Summarization tool with a simple and easy-to-use interface. It lets you enter the text without any word limitation, along with setting the number of sentences in the short summary.

This tool will extract the most important sentences, so the processing speed depends upon the size of your source text. You are allowed to download the short summary as a text file.

Free Summarizer


  • Suitable for the beginners
  • Display the saved time for reading
  • Help you summarize the text in a few seconds


  • No support for uploading documents directly
  • It only extracts the sentences from the input

6. Paraphrasingtool.AI

In case you want to shorten the research paper, article, lecture, essay, or book with an efficient Quillbot Summarizing tool alternative, Paraphrasetool.AI is the ultimate solution. It can identify the bullet points of your source document or text and turn them into understandable content.

You can choose the summary mode as the paragraph format or key points. The unique thing about this tool is that it offers a plagiarism-free summary.



  • Support URL to extract text and summarize
  • Provide an accurate summary in a near-human style
  • Assist you in processing long & complex text quickly


  • The process only 1000 words at a time
  • You may face some grammatical errors

7. Rephrase

Rephrase is another web-based tool to help you create a short summary of your text efficiently. Since it supports almost all popular file formats, uploading any of your documents is possible. Also, you can summarize your text in 8 languages.

In addition, it ensures the logical context of the document over processing. Even your data is completely secure because it does not store your data on servers or share it with any third party.



  • Powered by the latest AI technology
  • Come up with the summary in seconds
  • Ensure originality in the given results


  • Lack of producing a unique summary
  • Incapable of summarizing lengthy text

8. SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot is a blockchain-based text summarizer that extracts key points of your lengthy information and converts it into a short but better version. Besides, it focuses on the keywords so the context can be understood quickly.

In addition, you can automatically generate summaries of the latest news if required. Even it lets you choose the desired summary length. Lastly, downloading, saving, or sharing the output is also possible.



  • Come up with multi-language support
  • Let you upload documents in various formats
  • Offer audio summarization in its beta version


  • Offer very limited customer support
  • The quality of the summary is low sometimes

9. WriteSonic

If you want to compress your long text without compromising the tone or context, WriteSonic is a good way to go. It helps you create short and original summaries from your input text. You can generate summaries in almost 25+ languages.

So, it saves your time & effort as the task is done in just one click. The exciting thing is that WriteSonic has already worked with Shopify and Amazon.



  • Rich in features, suitable for professionals
  • Let you select various types of content
  • Provide you with a free trial before buying


  • It's not a cost-effective option
  • Require upgrade for advanced functionalities

10. Sassbook AI Text Summarizer

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer is a perfect tool for those who don't want to face daily limits and input text length for summarizing text. Though it is a paid tool, you can enjoy its free trial for two months before purchasing.

It offers AI-based processing, but you can choose the summarization method and target summary length. You can either go for the abstractive or extractive option.

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer


  • Offer demo feature to practice beforehand
  • Provide four options to choose the target size
  • Create an information-rich and SEO-friendly summary


  • The interface is messy and not up-to-date
  • Work slowly sometimes

11. Summarizing Tool

As the name suggests, this cloud-based tool facilitates you in summarizing text by analyzing and concluding the source text. However, it supports three modes to provide input, i.e., pasting text, inserting URLs, and uploading PDF or Word files.

Also, you can effortlessly set the percentage of the summary length. The best thing is that it offers complete accuracy. Besides, you can achieve unlimited summaries for free.

Summarizing Tool


  • Support 16 languages to help you translate
  • Require no registration process to start
  • Let you copy or save the summary as a file


  • The tool is not stable in functioning
  • May not produce human-like summaries

Quillbot Summarizer FAQs

Besides providing in-depth knowledge of the Quillbot Summarizing tool, below are some commonly asked questions to consider:

1. Is the QuillBot summarizer free?

Yes, the Quillbot Summarizer offers a free version for a lifetime, which is also easy to use. However, you need to upgrade monthly, semi-annual, or yearly for advanced and quick functioning. Even the limit on the number of words also increases in premium plans.

2. What does the summarizer do in QuillBot?

Quillbot Summarizer facilitates you in condensing documents, papers, articles, or any written text to the key points. Its AI-powered processing is capable of identifying the most critical information quickly; however, it does not affect its context in any manner.

3. Is QuillBot a good paraphraser?

Quillbot Paraphraser offers free, fast, and effortless services using AI algorithms. So, all these features combined make it an affordable paraphrasing tool. Whether you belong to content writing, creative writing, or academics field, this one is your way to go.

4. Is QuillBot a good summarizer?

Yes, Quillbot is an excellent option for summarizing text and removing plagiarism. By working over AI technology, it provides you with the bullet points for the complete documents while keeping the original writing context. However, you can also find other alternatives as per your requirements.


Technological advancements like Quillbot Summarizer have made things much easier. This tool is preferred by many people; however, you may want to use its alternative, which demands low cost & less effort. Since all tools have been reviewed, choosing the desired one after comparing them is up to you.

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