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[Solved] How to Import Data into PDF Form Easily

Melissa Lee updated on Dec 11, 2023 | Home > PDF Editor Tutorials | min read

Do you have data files like the Excel Spreadsheet that you want to import into PDF fillable form but don't know how to? Then this guide is for you. Importing data from different source files to PDF form can be quite challenging when you don't know how to execute the task. Also, the need for the right PDF editing software is another challenging factor.

With these restraints in mind, we've researched the net to see how to import data into PDF form quickly. Results of our findings showed that there are 3 techniques for doing this. Each technique is discussed below, so keep reading.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Part 1. How to Import the Data into PDF Form with EaseUS PDF Editor To make a PDF form fillable on Windows, you can use this PDF editor to add text, and numbers, and check the box in...Full steps
Part 2. How to Import Excel Data into PDF Fillable Form with Adobe With Adobe, you can import data from other files into...Full steps
Part 3. How to Import Data into PDF Form Filed with Foxit PhantomPDF Like the above two software, you can import data into PDF form with the help of Foxit PhantomPDF...Full steps

Part 1. How to Import Data into PDF Form with EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor is one of the most outstanding PDF editors available on the internet that allows the importation of data into PDF form, and also enables you to edit PDF forms, like filling out 4506-T Form. The toolkit supports amazing features such as the editing, conversion, merging, compression, and creation of PDF files - it's multipurpose software.

Another incredible attribute of this software is the OCR feature that it supports. This component allows you to edit scanned PDF without compromising the quality of your files. The software is highly secured and has an excellent operating speed which can't be compared with any toolkit that you find online.

Key Features

Without registration, you can download this PDF editing software! Start importing data into PDF form now. 

Tutorial Guide on How to Import Data into PDF Form Using EaseUS PDF Editor:

Step 1. Navigate your cursor to the "File" > "Open" option situated on the left-hand side of the software interface and then click on it. You will be directed to your local drive where the PDF file you want to import data into is stored.

import pdf in editor

Step 2. Next, click on the "Form" tab located at the top panel and a new panel will pop up on the right-hand side of your screen. Here is a visual representation of this:

edit pdf form

Now, select the "Import Data" option to import data from other forms to the PDF file you are editing or creating.

Step 3. Wait for the data to finish importing, check out the PDF file to confirm that it has all imported data. Once you"ve verified that, click on "File", and then select "Save" or "Save As" to export the edited PDF file to your local disk.

save edited pdf

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Part 2. How to Import Excel Data into PDF Fillable Form with Adobe

Adobe Acrobat is another powerful PDF editing software with multitudes of functionality; create, read, edit, and compress PDFs. This Windows PDF editor lets you import excel data into PDF form with premium quality. You could also use it to flip or rotate images in PDF files to fit in the document.

Although Adobe has got wonderful features, it isn't without its cons, as end-users usually complain about the complexity of the user interface. Also, the premium subscription service is way too high, and except you are a company, you can't use the software.

Import data into pdf with Adobe

Key Features

  • Edit, convert, merge, import, and export data to PDF forms
  • Delete texts, flip/rotate images, and reorder pages in PDF
  • Append your  signatures to PDF documents
  • Share file with your team members so they can add a comment or view PDF document
  • Easily read notes in PDF formats

Guide to Import Excel Data into PDF Form:

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and then open the PDF form that you wish to import the excel data into.

Step 2. Now, select the options "Tools" > "Prepare Form". After this, find and click on the options located on the right-hand panel of the software window "More" > "Clear Form".

Step 3. Next, click on "More" > "Import Data".

Step 4. On completing the step above, a dialogue box with the title Select File Containing Form File Data will appear on your screen. Choose a format that corresponds with the data file you wish to import from the "File of Type" option. Now, find and select the file, then hit the "Open" option.

Part 3. How to Import Data into PDF Form Filed with Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is an open source PDF editor designed for Windows OS users to edit/modify PDF files. The software is handy and has multiple PDF editing features such as splitting, rotation, conversion, merging, and extraction of PDFs.

Import data into PDF form

Key Features

  • All features of the software are 100% free
  • Compatible with both Linux, Mac, and Windows OS
  • Converts from PDF to other source files and vice versa
  • Mix, rotate, extract, and split PDF files
  • Intuitive user interface

Step by Step Guide to Import Data into PDF with Foxit PhantomPDF:

Step 1. With the aid of Foxit PhantomPDF, launch the PDF file where you wish to import data into. To do this, tap on "File" > "Open", and a new tab where your files are stored will pop up. Choose your desired PDF file, then click on "Open".

Step 2. On opening the file via Foxit, click on the "Form" tab located at the top panel of the toolkit homepage. Select "Import Data" so you can upload data from your preferred source file.

Step 3. Next, preview the PDF file to confirm that all data has been fully imported. Once you"ve verified this, use the hotkeys "Ctrl" + "S" to save the edited PDF file on your PC hard drive.


Now you have the right PDF editing toolkits to import data into a PDF form, and the tutorial guide on how to use each, so executing the task should be easy. Although you might be contemplating on what toolkit to use, well, we recommend the EaseUS PDF Editor. Reasons being because of the aesthetic features it holds which can't be found in any other PDF editing software or program.

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