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Top 8 PDF Search Engine Sites to Download PDF eBooks

Jane Zhou updated on Aug 30, 2023 | Home > PDF Knowledge Center | min read

People often get tired of searching PDF documents online on the usual search engines because it takes a lot of time and effort goes in vain when they can't find the required one.

It is no doubt that Google and other famous search engines also show PDFs on the search results pages but not all the time. Moreover, sometimes people need to filter out all the results and get only the eBooks and PDFs.

In these scenarios, you must look for some PDF search engine sites which will be helpful to get the best results in less time. Also, if you want to edit these documents, you can get an ideal PDF editor in the end.

Tool 1. FreeFullPDF

If you need scientific research papers, you should choose FreeFullPDF because this PDF Search Engine site provides you with free scientific papers. From Life, Health, and Physical Sciences, to Social Sciences, you can search and free download any PDF.

You will get the best search results from particular websites because of its Google Enhances Search Engine tool. It holds the data of around 80 million PDF files so that you can do a quick search of any research paper, thesis, clinical study, and more.


  • Custom advanced search engine tool
  • Offer a database of 26k free articles
  • The easy and quick search function

FreeFullPDF Search Engine

Tool 2. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine proves to be a good choice for you when it comes to the free downloading of PDF documents. You can get access to around 51 million books and documents. You only need to put the PDF title in the search bar and hit the search icon. It will take a second to show you many relevant search results.


  • Straightforward processing
  • Support sorting option by relevance and date
  • Option to submit PDF documents

PDF Search Engine Site

Tool 3. PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads is considered the first PDF Search Engine worldwide. It looks like an online library that serves people to get documents without any charges and time limit. Whether you need eBooks related to science, engineering, medicine, arts, or commerce, this site will help you out. You can get help with preparing for tests, job interviews, lectures, and more. Simply, this eBook site assists you to search on various forums, sites, and even message boards for the required PDF files.


  • Offer several eBooks by browsing its directory
  • Support various online free tools
  • It shows the last ten search results at the bottom

PDF Downloads PDF Search Engine

Tool 4. Ebook3000

Ebook3000 is counted among the best sites for finding and free downloading eBooks or PDFs via categories. It provides almost 35+ categories, ranging from architecture & arts to security & software-related books. Even the books on the main screen also show the category and the uploaded date. Moreover, you can either find books by entering the title or IBAN in the search bar.


  • Displays the latest added eBooks on its homepage
  • Availability of the popular eBooks section for ease
  • Shows info about book language, pages, and size

Ebook3000 PDF Search

Tool 5. PDF Geni

PDF Geni is another proficient PDF Search Engine site that is getting popular in the market because of its various unique functions. Whether you need education, business, engineering, virtualization, or any other field-related books, everything is available at your fingertips without any charges. Moreover, you only need to search the book and then a simple click to get your book downloaded.


  • Offer sheets, manuals, catalogs, etc.
  • Completely secure book search site
  • Display the most searches worldwide

PDF Geni PDF Search Site

Tool 6. Book Gold Mine

When it comes to getting an extensive number of lectures, notes, eBooks, PDFs, and documents, Book Gold Mine is your way to go. This PDF Search Engine allows you to search via many resource subjects while the number of active resource books is 350 plus. Each resource is present, along with the year and description. You can also select any book from the Most Popular and Latest Resources section.


  • Various resources, including business, math, etc.
  • Option to join RSS feed
  • Availability of Author Index and Publisher Index

Book Gold Mine PDF Search

Tool 7. PDF Drive

PDF Drive proves to be an excellent PDF Search Engine site that offers around 77 million books, all free to download. Another unique thing about this site is its no-ads policy, so you won't have to bear any disturbing ads while downloading. You can pick many books from different categories such as lifestyle, biography, personal growth, and many more. Furthermore, there is a section on "Best Books of the Week," which will be extremely helpful for you!


  • Offer book info, including pages, year, size, etc.
  • A free email subscription option
  • Availability of a premium version

PDF Drive Search Engine

Tool 8. Manybooks

If you are looking for the best classic literature and contemporary books, Manybooks will be helpful for you! This PDF Search Engine appears to be a friendly library where you will find many genres to pick your favorite book from. These include Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Fiction, and many others. Along with that, you can read the Editorial Reviews in the Blog section. Author interviews, articles, and newsletters are also accessible.


  • 50K free eBooks available to download
  • Some books are at discounted prices
  • Offer its eReader mobile app

Manybooks PDF Search Engine

Best Free PDF Editor and Viewer on Windows

When you have downloaded your PDFs, you might need to edit them according to your demands. If you are a Windows user, EaseUS PDF Editor must be your way to go because it is coherent and efficient software. It allows you to perform various editing functions like adding watermarks, inserting images, adding or erasing text, and annotating your PDF documents within a snap.

EaseUS PDF editor and viewer

Despite editing tasks, this Windows PDF editor also offers page management of your PDFs, such as rotating, cropping, replacing, splitting, and many more. Furthermore, if you need to protect your document or change its format, you can use its password protection and conversion functions.


After going through this write-up, you know all the features of different PDF Search Engine sites. They are considered among the best sites for the Windows PC, and you can go for any of these engines to locate your specific PDF, eBook, or other documents. Furthermore, you have got the option of a remarkable PDF editor, which allows you to edit your documents as per your requirements. Having this software, adding or removing images, text, and graphs is at your fingertips.

PDF Search Engine FAQs

1. What is the best PDF search engine?

Here are some of the best PDF search engines you can check:

  • FreeFullPDF
  • PDF Search Engine
  • PDF Downloads
  • Ebook3000
  • PDF Geni
  • Book Gold Mine

2. Where can I find free PDF files?

You can go to some popular PDF search engine sites to find free PDF files. Just enter PDF Search Engine in the search box on Google, then you will find a lot of answers.

3. Can I search within a PDF?

To search for something within a PDF, all you need is a PDF reader like EaseUS PDF Editor. Just simply open your PDF file with this software, press CTRL + F on your keyboard, then you will find a normal search box where you can enter the word you want to find.

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